The „Pfiff“ – worth knowing things out of our beer lexicon

The “Pfiff” becomes more and more favored

In restaurants and on festivities the “Pfiff” is becoming more and more favored and popular- and you still don’t know what a “Pfiff” is? We’ll explain it to you:

What is a “Pfiff”?

Depending from region to region there are a lot of different expressions for the “Pfiff”. It is also often called “Spruz” oder “Rammal”. Or, like our master brewer likes to say “an Embrionale”- everybody has different expressions…
Actually the “Pfiff” is the last drink you enjoy before going home, but it’s not unusual that this phase expands itself and also the number of “Pfiff’s”…
A good “Pfiff” are almost ¾ of a regular beer for half of the price. The tapping should have a certain kick into a straight hold (not aslope as usual) glas under the tap, until the foam has reached the edge. When the foam has fallen down, the “Pfiff” is one half of a half beer – so it’s 0,25 – 0,35l. Appropriate to our etiquette, a “Pfiff” should still be served in a glas that fits 0,5l. Don’t ever serve it in a small glas!

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The big brother of the “Pfiff” is the foamy litre

From nightcap to a highlight of beer-initiates

A “Pfiff”, Schnitt, Spruz or Rammal is usually a part of a restaurants menu and is a special service of the brewery or the host of the restaurant. It is mostly favored by beer-initates and beer-lovers. Since long ago it is not only known as a nightcap, so that one can draw the line to the ones sitting on the regular’s table. It is mostly favored because of the pleasure. A “Schnitt” stays fresh for a longer time, so that one gets a full-bodied, refreshing and cold beer. The “Pfiff” gets its special refreshment out of the high amount of foam- directly under the foam is the place where the carbonate acid develops and this is the certain point that offers the liveliness. There’s no place for the out-of-favor “Noagerl”, “Naacherl” or “Pfiati Lackerl”- which describes an insipid and left-over half of a beer.

The big brother of the “Pfiff” is the foamy litre. This is usually served on events and festivities. Here the obvious advantage comes across: the beer never gets insipid with the “foamy” one!

the “Pfiff” is the last drink you enjoy before going home, but it’s not unusual that this phase expands itself and also the number of “Pfiff’s”…

 Danger of confusion in Austria

You have to take care with our neighbors in Austria: A “Pfiff” is just 0,175l of beer and is preferably served in a small beer glas. Also when it comes to the word “Schnitt”, one usually doesn’t get what was expected. In Austria a “Schnitt” is a beer mixture: clear and dark beer, which some Austrian breweries even fill and sell in bottles.

Now everyone is well informed! Prost and enjoy!

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