6th „Fassdauben“ race world championship

6th „Fassdauben“ race world championship

Fassdauben WM 2017We’re getting ready for the 6th Fassdauben world championship in the heart of the Bavaria Alps. “Fassdauben” is the German word for barrel staves which participants will use instead of regular skis. The event kicks off on February 5th at lunch time and takes place at Ski-Arena Westernberg in Ruhpolding.

Skiing like 100 years ago on barrel sheds, the slightly curved boards from which the original wooden barrels from the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein are made.

In 2015, over 300 “skiers” from Germany, Austria, the USA and Italy took part in the race and we’ve already invited our clients and partners from around the world for this year’s tournament. Barrel starves can be borrowed on-site and there are many great prizes!

fassdauben-wm-1We start our day with a great Bavarian sausages breakfast at 10 am, the race kicks off at 12 pm.

Our courageous protagonists launch themselves down a steep slope, on the curved planks of old barrels, mainly for the amusement of the spectators from home and abroad.

The race times are irrelevant – it is the route to the finish line with its spectacular falls and crashes that counts.






We would like to thank everyone from Ruhpolding who supports us with the event, such as the “Strafrunde” and “D’Sauriassler” who take care of the catering, the team surrounding the family Oberleitner, who make sure the conditions on the slope are perfect.

If you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch directly with Hofbräuhaus Traunstein at +49861988660 or info@hb-ts.de! The “Fassdauben” are available.

We also had 2 years ago very much fun! Here is a retrospective of the “Fassdauben WM” in 2015: