We celebrate 500 years of “Schäfflertanz”

Traunsteiner Schäfflertanz 2013

A tradition of wooden cask producer and the moving history behind it

The “Schäfflertanz” is a 500 year old tradition. In Traunstein there is also one of only 42 clubs in Bavaria, which carry on this custom every seven years.

The dance is for men. The approx. 20 Schäffler perform in their traditional costume the “Reigentanz” to the sounds of the bavarian “Blasmusik”. They swing their wreaths and connect themselves to complicated figures. Not to forget the clown, who blackens the spectators’ noses: this should reminds of the death of the black death and should bring happiness at the same time.

Traunsteiner Schäfflertanz 2013

The Schäfflertanz has his origin in 1517 after Munich was plagued by a terrible black death. Morals and confidence of the heavily troubled population were exhausted, and they entrenched themself in their homes because of fear of infection. The courageous Schäffler had an idea: They lured the frightened citizens with funny jokes, music and dance again on the streets and brought back a part of fun and happiness.

Why the dance only takes place every seven years can only be surmised. One reason could be that the plague raged every seven years. That’s why they tried to stop it with the dance. Another guess is that the 7 was considered a lucky number.

original wooden cask beer

Also the Hofbräuhaus Traunstein continues such traditions: as one of only a few breweries we offer our HELLES in the original wooden cask (10, 20 and 30l). It has a lower carbon dioxide content and is therefore eminently light and palatable. It runs slowly, fresh and cool from the cask, borne by the pressure of its own weight. This accounts for the exceptional mildness of wooden cask beer that is so valued by connoisseurs.

Our wooden casks are manufactured in a traditional way by our business partner “Fass Schmid” in Munich. Mr. Schmid attaches great importance to careful processing and the choice of wood. He himself is chairman of the Munich Schäffler

Museum in the Hofrbäuhaus Traunstein

In our historic “Schäfflerei” we show the old craftsmanship of barrel production such as coopering and pitching – the sealing of casks with liquid pitch. It would the be best to visit us in Traunstein and take part in our brewery tour to convince yourself about the old bridal tradition. Tour times without prior booking: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 11 am and every Monday evening at 6 pm.

Please click on the link for more informations: http://www.hb-ts.de/en/brewery/brewery-tour/

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary the Traunsteiner Schäffler present their traditional costumes, the various figures and much more in an exhibition in Traunstein. From 27 to 30 November 2017 you get the opportunity to get to know the tradition at the “Alte Wache” in Traunstein. The next dance of the Traunstein association takes place in 2020. Of course the Schäffler will use an original HB-TS wooden cask again.

Until then a small foretaste:

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