Gasthof zur Post in Kirchweidach shows us how it’s done

A toast to a long partnership: brewery owner Maximilian Sailer and sales manager Hans Hüttl with innkeeper Sepp Wagner (right)

Gasthof zur Post  in Kirchweidach shows us how it’s done

“I need a real brewery that’s close by, I want to know who’s brewing my beer, and I want to be able to call them up in case of an emergency.
With the family from Hofbräuhaus in Traunstein here, I feel like I’m in very good hands, and I can be sure the beer I get from them is always delicious and of the best quality, that’s very important for me,” Sepp Wagner, innkeeper at Gasthof zur Post in Kirchweidach tells us.

The good business with the inn and all the other work carried on around the house, such as forestry in the area, is “all in the family”, he says. A learned butcher and cook, Sepp’s also seen a lot while working elsewhere, and he’s very grateful for all the support and backing he gets from his mother Imgard, his partner Helga, his father Josef, his brother Hans as well as from several other relatives who complement the team of local waiting and kitchen staff at the inn.
Using Hofbräuhaus Traunstein as a supplier since May of this year has also brought advantages for the inn’s important business of hosting functions:
“I’m netting a lot of points in catering and at all the weddings in particular, because everyone wants our local beer.”

Great-grandfather Johann Stockhammer in the 60s and Maximilian, the youngest of the Wagner family who got to draw the first “Post-Weisse”.



The honest Bavarian cuisine with its regional quality, the authentic atmosphere with a “Stammtisch” for the regulars, the happy family – it’s all a very good fit for Hofbräuhaus Traunstein.
The “Post Weisse”, our special wheat beer which we only brew for selected restaurateurs, is also available at the inn.
It is served in beautifully customized beer glasses – a perfect beer experience and something special for both staff and guests.

The inn as a postal station in years past


The large house by the village square opposite the church has served as a postal station and inn where agricultural and forestry work has also been carried out ever since 1847. Travelers would find lodgings here, the locals from Kirchweidach would meet to drink and revel and cook-outs would take place, all with the Bavarian church year as the calendar of events.
The innkeeper’s family was there every day – and that’s how things have remained until today. All due respect!

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