Beer tasting at Hofbräuhaus Traunstein – now and then

Bierverkostung anno dazumalWhen people ask for another beer, then we’ve done a good job”, says Brew Master Nik Mayrshofer.  The tasting and examination of our different types of beer has always played an important role at Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, even back in the 50s. Today, our two brew masters sample our beers on a daily basis.  Our brewery in the heart of Bavaria has been given a modern character over the past decades. However, beer tasting, which means the evaluation, description and rating of beer with the help of our human senses, has remained an important factor to measure and gurantee the quality of our beer.

Beer and our senses

When tasting our beer, we look at the following aspect: A freshly-poured glass of beer already tells us a lot about quality. A quality beer is characterised by a stable, firm head of foam. In addition, the colour of the beer is important when assessing if everything has gone right during the breweing process. Clear and light, for example, is the typical color of our “Pils”, a bottom-fermented with a fine bitterness. To get this colour it’s important to avoid all contact with oxygen whilst brewing it and to handle the beer with care. In contrast to our Pils our wheat beers (Weißbier) are naturally cloudy and golden. Whether a beer should be clear or cloudy depends on its type.


Smell & Taste

Now that we have visually inspected our beer, it’s time to engage in smelling and tasting. To smell the beer we need to let it breathe for a few moments. When smelling our different types of beer, you get a lot of very different aromas ranging from roasted malt or caramel to spicy and fruity flavours. The tasting can be divided into three stages:

The initial taste gives us an idea on how rich the beer is. This depends, above all, on the beer’s level of original wort. The regency tells us a lot about the beer’s freshness. Whether a beer has a fresh feeling to it depends on its PH value as well as on the amount of carbon dioxide. Once the beer has been swallowed we taste the bitterness, which comes from the hops. While our dark wheat beer, for example, has a deeper, smoky flavour of coffee and chocolate our regular wheat beer has a banana-flavoured fruity note.

Best Bavarian ingredients, water from our own spring, yeast, that we cultivate in our brewery, as well as as love and passion for the art of brewing determine the unique flavour of our beer!