Our new master brewers’ family tree

hb-ts-master brewers family tree
Our new master brewers’ family tree in the brewery

A memorial to true brewing craft

The combination  of passion, true brewing craft and best ingredients – this is what constitutes our beer. In-depth analysis, counselling and planning have priority in all our decisions – with our master brewers always in the focus, for without them our beer would not be that constantly good. This is why we have dedicated our splendid new master brewers’ family tree to them.

Impressively and tellingly it underlines their importance. In the form of 30m² and 550kg of machined copper, our master brewers’ family tree “blooms” in the brewery patio. All 28 master brewers, from the beginning until now, are immortalised on individual, hand-crafted leaves.

hb-ts-master brewers family tree
All component parts are hand made

From blueprint to construction to completion

Following the idea of senior brewery owner Bernhard Sailer, the brewery’s interior designer  (company “zeitlos”/Gerlinde Schumacher) buckled down to its realisation together with artist Rolf Wassermann from Traunstein and advertising technician Alfons Retzer. For a three-month period, the leaves and umbels were cut out, bent and soldered by hand and the trunk was milled and shaped. Trunk, leaves and umbels were laid and put together like a giant puzzle – a hazardous enterprise, as there was only a small model for guidance.

hb-ts-master brewers' family tree at the patio
A memorial to true brewing craft

Zest for life and the art of brewing

Historiography is mainly only about kings, rulers and politicians; behind the scenes, however, is where you really find the makers, movers and shakers. Little is recorded about them in the books, and yet there are characters among the Bavarian master brewers who’ll live on in the vernacular and at the cracker-barrel forever. Strong personalities who know how to lead their team.

hb-ts-master brewers-nik-mayrshofer-mathias-sailer
1. master brewers’ Nik Mayrshofer and 2. master brewers Mathias Sailer

Our current Heroes of everyday life

Since 1991, our current first master brewer has been Nikolaus Mayrshofer, who already completed his training in our company, then graduated in brewing technology at Weihenstephan and also studied business administration.
His brewer’s honour is sacred to him, so he puzzles over recipes until late at night and fiddles about the brewing technique, too.

Together with brewery owner Maximilian Sailer and senior brewery owner Bernhard Sailer – both also graduated master brewers – he keeps working hard on the continuous beer quality in constant testing and tasting.

Nik Mayrshofer’s so-called “co-pilot”, our second master brewer Matthias Sailer, has covered his back in the daily business for many years and is the first one to discuss new plans with.

hb-ts-first master brewer
Hans Mundl and Simon Erndl – the first master brewer

Master brewers of the first hour

In 1612, the pioneering figure here was brewing labourer Hans Mundl from Schwarzach in Lower Bavaria who was also supposed to be raised to a master brewer. However, his temperament prevented it. Mundl behavedblusteringly and immodestlyand was therefore unbearable for the demands of prince-elector Maximilian I – so he was paid off and dismissed.

His successor was brewing labourer Simon Erndl from Schwarzach, who brewed beer in our company as the first master brewer until 1620.

At the time of its foundation, Hofbräuhaus Traunstein was so important that even the then Bavarian “Treasury”, Hofkammer in Munich, was responsible for recruiting and training the master brewers. Crucial, however, was also the high quality of raw materials and the assurance of constant beer quality.
In this way, the history of our art of brewing and its masters can be continued until today.

As of late, the master brewers’ family tree has been part of our guided tours of the brewery which take place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and additionally every Monday at 6 p.m.:


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